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Research shows that women make better traders than men, and that women learn differently from men, and so it seems obvious to have a training offering to meet that need.

The Zero To A Million Club is exactly that. Founded by women for women. Our Membership comprises women, currently ranging from those in their forties to those in their seventies, all with the common goal of making their money work better for them.

Our Members are from all walks of life, some working, some retired, but all who fit their trading around their lives, not vice versa. The ability to make sustainable profits in half an hour a day, once you are proficient, sees our Members trading from around the globe as they enjoy their lives to the full.

 We are part-time traders and proud of it! Whilst claiming to be a ‘full-time trader’ seems to be some sort of badge of honour, we prefer to be ‘full-time’ living our lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t achieve full-time results, because we do. We just work smarter rather than harder.

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