How We Trade

Our Members are not thrill seekers avidly sitting at their screens watching the markets move. Quite the contrary. Our trading style is medium to long term, making it far less stressful than day trading and far more flexible, enabling you to get on with your life while taking control of your finances.

We are trend traders with proven trend trading strategies which are shared openly within our community. We do not aim for big overnight wins but, preferring to get realistic, above average returns over time as the markets trend.

We trade what we train, because we know it works. In the retail (individuals like you) trading space, too much emphasis is placed on entry and exit points when the key to successful trading is risk management. We teach you how to manage that risk, using our money management techniques, designed to protect capital whilst taking advantage of the trends within the markets.

We provide the rules and tools that show exactly how much risk should be applied to each trade and to the portfolio as a whole. This ensures you will never be over-exposed in the markets, a major cause of the 90-90-90 scenario we talked about earlier. Equally, while you develop those skills, you are trading our money and keeping your own capital in tact! This is something unique to the Zero To A Million Club, enabling you to learn to trade the markets without risk to your own hard earned cash……….so long as you stick to the rules of course!

Trading against the trend is like swimming against the tide so why would you want to take such a difficult path? The way we trade is to follow trends, never predicting markets but instead waiting for the trend to be established and then jumping on the bandwagon. As such, we do not try to catch tops or bottoms but focus on the middle section of the trends.

The beauty of such an approach is that our strategies can be applied to any market including Forex, Stocks, ETFs and Commodities. The approach is simple, but that does not mean it is easy and this is where the 12 months support, that is included in your programme, is so important as you develop as a trader.

Because we trade over the medium to long term, we are not distracted by the ‘noise’ of the markets, meaning our time spent analysing, entering, managing and exiting trades is greatly reduced. On average, our Members spend 29 minutes a day trading. Our simplistic approach makes this possible as we are not concerned with a multitude of indicators, preferring to rely on price action and the proprietary tools we give you – which are yours to keep. This has enabled a number of our Members, who work during the day, to build a second source of income whilst continuing their career.